Free Fairy Coloring Pages For Kids

Boys and girls alike will enjoy these free hand drawn fairy coloring pages! They will smile as they step into the magical, mystical world and are swept away with the wings of their imaginations. What is it that makes coloring fairies so much fun? As adults, you’ll even enjoy watching the kid’s creativity blossom as they color these printable free fairy coloring sheets.

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Where do fairies come from?

In many cultures today children learn first about the tooth fairy. It’s a mystical being that silently sweeps away a lost tooth that was carefully placed under the child’s pillow before going to sleep. The wonderment of a child is amazing as they realize they put the tooth there before going to sleep and magically the tooth is gone and money is now there in its place.

That is most people’s introduction into the world of fairies. The word, “fairy” is taken from two terms. Faerie is an Old French word for “enchantment” and fata is a Latin word that means “fate.” One example is Cinderella’s fairy godmother. She magically transformed the fate of Cinderella into one of enchantment through a single magic spell. It turns out that fairies have appeared in the folklore of many cultures for many years. There isn’t just one origin and the label of a fairy is often applied to many different magical beings.

Description of a Fairy

You will see a lot of different characteristics as you color these free fairy coloring pages. Most of the time, they are thought to be very small magical creatures. Other times, they are as large as an adult. In some folklore fairies have green eyes. But you do not have to color their eyes green if you don’t want to! Today’s fairy is typically short and they have wings. They may look to you like butterfly or dragonfly wings. They can be any color you want them to be. Be creative as you color the free coloring pages with fairies. Think about what color you would like for them to be.

Very Cool Fun Facts About Fairies

Who doesn’t love to color fairies? They are so colorful and magical most just cannot resist them! Adults and kids alike will be coloring away before they know it. Why? Because the magic is captivating. We have compiled some really fun facts about fairies. Here ya go!

  • Fairies bring good luck everywhere they go!
  • A fairy likes to wear bright colored clothes.
  • Every fairy graduates from Fairy School when they are 12.
  • In order for a fairy to become an official tooth fairy, they have to go to school and pass three exams. It’s a specialized skill to be able to get a tooth out from under the pillow of a sleeping human.
  • A fairy’s eye color changes with the weather. If it is raining, their eyes turn bright blue. When it snows, they turn a light, soft green. They turn chocolate brown when it’s sunny outside.
  • Fairies look like a human, but they have special powers and wings.
  • Fairies have a soft strawberry scent. If you ever walk into a garden or a room and smell strawberries, but there are none there, it’s likely a fairy has been there.
  • All fairies are multi-lingual and can speak every language known in the whole world.
  • The wings of a fairy are made out of taffaria, a special material. It’s strong, transparent, and silky. They may look clear at first, but if you look closely, you’ll see all seven colors of the rainbow in it. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) Look closely and you’ll see one color is brighter than the others. This one is the color that matches their personality.
  • A fairy is amazing! Their whole body is loaded with magic, wonder, and love.
  • If you want a fairy to live at your home, there are two rules to follow. One, you must believe in your fairy. Secondly, you must love your fairy. If you follow these two rules, your fairy will stay with you forever.

No wonder it’s so much fun to color fairies! Print out these free fairy coloring pages and enjoy coloring them for hours.

Ways to Use Free Fairy Coloring Pages

The possibilities are limitless! You can print all the fairy coloring sheets and color them all different colors if you want. Maybe you want to build a community of fairies and give them all unique names. You could have a coloring contest with some of your friends. After you color them, you can frame them and use them to decorate your room.

If you like the coloring pages, it would be a great help if you share them and tell your friends about our website. This give us the opoturnity to reach more people and make kids happy. Thanks for your support!

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