Beautiful Hand Drawn Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults

Benefits of Using Free Coloring Pages for Your Kids

So, you found these really cute free printable coloring pages for your kids. While you are looking through the hand drawn dinosaurs, mermaids, and fairies you may have been wondering if there is more to it than just having fun coloring them. Turns out there are lots of benefits for kids and adults too! A little bit of research uncovered numerous useful skills kids are developing or improving while having coloring. Check out these 15 benefits of coloring.

          Improve Motor Skills.

For young children, using these free coloring pages helps improve motor skills. They develop the muscles in the fingers, wrist, and hands by using a precise grip, repeated actions, and motions of coloring. Development of these fine motor skills will help them as they begin school and start writing. These fine motor skills help them write skillfully. Building on them helps them become better at typing and improves success in other areas like sports.

Preparation for School.

In a classroom, children will have structure. Lessons and assignments will lead to written answers and projects. Coloring sheets, pages, and books all play a role in preparing children for the structured work they will be doing on paper in the years ahead.

Stimulate their Creativity.

It doesn’t matter if they color in the lines or out, coloring helps stir up those creative juices in kids. It also helps them develop an appreciation and recognition of visual differences. Using free coloring pages stirs up their imagination and stimulates brainstorming as they begin to come up with new ideas on their own.

      Helps Contribute to Better Handwriting.

Children will need hand strength, dexterity, and the ability to give attention to detail to write in both print and cursive. Using free printable coloring pages early on can help develop the necessary skills so that when they begin writing it will come easily and naturally.

          Color Recognition, Discernment, and Awareness.

Children have to learn the different colors. Free coloring pages gives them the opportunity to learn the primary and most commonly used colors. They will also learn some of the more subtle colors all in a direct manner.

          Hand-to-eye Coordination and Improved Focus.

Young children need to develop coordination as well as the ability to focus. Activities like coloring help strengthen and build these talents as part of their healthy development. The seemingly simple act of holding a crayon, choosing a color, and then implementing it in the right spot helps children coordinate hand-eye coordination.

          Structure, Boundaries and Spatial Awareness.

As young children grow older adhering to boundaries is important. Free coloring sheets help kids anchor in a sense of structure and learn about the need for boundaries. While coloring they also learn about shapes, colors, lines, patterns, perspectives, and form. These are important aspects to learn before breaking away to “do their own thing” later on.

          Build Self Esteem and Confidence.

Being able to successfully complete a task helps build kids’ confidence and self-esteem. Using these free printable coloring pages regularly and completing them helps a child boost their sense of accomplishment and gives them the opportunity to take pride in themselves.

          Allow for Self-Expression.

Every person has a unique way of expressing themselves and letting you know who they are. Children are visual by nature and coloring provides a vehicle for them to express themselves. They can make decisions regarding color choices as they put these expressions on paper and flesh out the boundaries on a free coloring sheet.

          Stress Relief and Therapy.

Both kids and adults can find coloring therapeutic and calming. For kids, there isn’t always another outlet for their confusing or unpleasant emotions. Their emotional health can benefit from processing feelings, emotions, and frustrations through the simple fulfilling act of coloring.

          Learn Patience while Relaxing.

Sitting down to color free coloring pages helps children learn the art and skill of patience. They learn to relax and become comfortable with creating artwork. 

          Planning Skills.

Especially for preschool-aged children, coloring helps them learn how to plan. They learn to choose which colors to use first. As they develop their planning skills, they will begin to plan coloring activities in a more coordinated and structured way. They’ll start choosing which colors to use for the picture and the order they want to apply them. These decision-making skills are imperative as they grow into adolescents, then teens and on into adulthood.

          Parent-Child Bonding Time.

Encouraging kids to color gives kids and parents a chance to bond, especially if they take time to color together. Both child and parent will have quality time with each other. It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents to take advantage of as they can sit with their child and engage in relationship building conversations.

          Works the Entire Brain.

Coloring is one activity that is not just a “left brain” or a “right brain” workout. It actually engages both hemispheres. You can consider it a “full” brain workout. The creative side chooses artistic color choices and brings the aesthetic balance to the artwork at hand. The frontal lobe is then used to concentrate. Adults who color also engage the more rational side of the brain for things like problem solving and fine motor skills. It’s a simple task that uses the entire brain to complete.

          Reduce Anxiety.

A lot of people, adults and children alike, suffer from anxiety. Therapists have learned that using tools like these free coloring pages can help adults and children relax. Stirring up artistic expressions helps them go deeper into a relaxed state. 

Using Free Printable Coloring Pages

Go ahead and print out as many of these free printable coloring pages as you would like. You and your child can reap the many benefits of coloring. They’ll learn boundaries, spatial and color awareness and boost their confidence while having fun coloring. And if you choose to color these free coloring pages with them, you’ll benefit from reduced anxiety, improve your concentration and build relationship with your kids. You can’t beat a deal like that!