Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t like free hand drawn dinosaur coloring pages? Both boys and girls can step into the days of yesteryear and color dinosaurs. All of these pictures are free to download and print so kids of all ages can stir up their creativity. Adults can enjoy watching kids be creative and color pictures of their prehistoric friends. These hand drawn coloring sheets are loads of fun and educational too.

History of Dinosaurs

Many years ago, dinosaurs roamed the land. They are fascinating creatures and interesting. Some dinosaurs were super big, lots bigger than any of the other animals roaming the earth back then.  They were bigger than the largest animals we know today too! The word, dinosaur,  is a Greek term that means “terrible lizard.” The scientist who came up with this word wasn’t thinking about the dinosaurs being scary. He was just thinking about their huge sizes! Dinosaurs lived on earth for about 135 million years. But most of them had died by about 65 million years ago. What did dinosaurs eat? There were some that ate only plants, or herbivores. Some ate both meat and plants, or omnivores. And some that ate just meat, or carnivores.

Cool Facts about Real Dinosaurs

Who doesn’t enjoy coloring and learning about prehistoric dinosaurs? They are interesting and like taking a look at the past. They can be lots of fun to learn about and to color too. But here are some really fun facts about real dinosaurs.

  • Fossils from dinosaurs have been found on all seven continents.
  • There are approximately 700 known species of dinosaurs which are extinct.
  • Even though they were huge, all dinosaurs hatched from eggs. They are not able to fly, and they cannot live in water.
  • The biggest of all dinosaurs were about 50 feet tall and more than 100 feet long. The largest of all dinosaurs was called a sauropod. The littlest dinosaur ever discovered was called a That is a term that means, “mouse lizard.” They were only about the size of a chicken.
  • No one knows what color dinosaurs really were since there were no people alive during that time in history.
  • Some scientists believe that there were some types of dinosaurs that lived to be over 300 years old.
  • The biggest dinosaur bone anyone has ever found was a vertebra, or backbone. It was 5 foot by 5 foot and weight more than a ton.
  • Most animals today are either cold or warm blooded. Dinosaurs were not either one, but somewhere in between.
  • The larger dinosaurs were primarily plant eaters and the smaller dinosaurs ate meat.
  • People who study dinosaurs are called paleontologists.
  • Dinosaurs may have been super big – but they had tiny little brains.

Ways to use Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages

You may think all dinosaurs were brown or gray, but no one really knows what color they were. That means you can color them any color you want, and it can’t be wrong. Color each of the hand drawn dinosaur pictures in lots of colors, draw footprints on the sheet, or host your own coloring contest with your friends.

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