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Welcome to my website Cute Coloring Pages. Here you will be able to find lot of beautiful hand drawn pictures. Each month, my team and I create brand new hand drawn cute coloring pages for you to enjoy coloring. The pages are downloadable for free and you can print multiple copies and share them with your friends. We want you to be able to use the sheets yourself, and color them with your family and friends to create your own beautiful moments with them. 

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Getting these cute coloring sheets to color is easy. You just need to download and print out the ones you want to color. Our passion is to just make people happy and help them have happy moments with their friends and families. We honestly just want you and those you care about most to have fun while coloring our hand drawn illustrations. We want you all to have a good time and a great day. That’s why we made them easy to download and print. It’s also why they are totally free (not for commercial use)! 

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Beautiful Hand Drawn Coloring Pages

Welcome to my website

Coloring Pages Owner - Marcel

Hello! My name is Marcel and I am a designer, illustrator, and content creator. I’m the person behind this website designed solely to give people the opportunity to share more beautiful moments together. I understand life is not always easy and all of us have good days and some bad days. This is the reason why I want to help make people happy. It doesn’t always take a lot to help someone have a good day. All you need is a favorite cute coloring page, some drawing pencils or colors, and a great imagination. Your imagination is the magic that opens the door to having beautiful, good days in your life. Use these free cute coloring pages and create more beautiful moments with your family and friends. Please feel free to download and print any of our cute coloring pages. Print them out and then color them together with your friends and family. I hope you have a great and beautiful time! Best regards, Marcel.

Explore My Coloring Pages

Take a few minutes to explore all of my hand drawn cute coloring pages. You’ll find princesses, fairies, animals, and unicorns. But the true magic is when you unlock them with your colors or pencils. That’s when they really come alive in your imagination. So, pick a couple, or pick a lot, download them and print them out so you can enjoy coloring the hand drawn illustrations.

Parents and kids can both have lots of fun coloring the hand drawn pages. But parents will also be glad to know that children learn a lot while having so much fun. They learn how to make choices, hand-and-eye coordination, develop motor skills, and learn to be patient. Kids also learn about color awareness, recognition, and how colors work together to make a beautiful work of art. All of this and more while they are just having fun.

Beautiful Fairy Coloring Pages

Hand Drawn Fairies Coloring Pages

Do you like fairies? I do too! That’s why I included a bunch of hand drawn pictures of fairies on my website. Download and print them as many times as you want. Share them with your friends and color them different colors every time. Our collection include 15 different hand drawn fairies for you to color. This is a nice selection of cute coloring pages for you to enjoy.

Color By Number Category

Animals Color By Number

Maybe you like to color animals! We have a total of 20 beautiful hand drawn color by number coloring pages. Each color by number animal picture is hand drawn. Download and print these fun coloring sheets for your kids and their friends. They are sure to have a lot of fun coloring these pages.

Beautiful Unicorn Coloring Pages

Hand Drawn Unicorn Coloring Pages

Nothing is quite as magical as a unicorn! Enjoy these 15 cute coloring pages with hand drawn unicorns for you to color. These fun and cute coloring pages have several unicorn pictures for you to color and share with your friends and family. You can print them all and make your own unicorn book! These free downloadable coloring sheets provide you with hours of creative fun.

Mermaid Category

Hand Drawn Mermaid Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love mermaids? Share these hand drawn pictures of mermaids with your friends so you can enjoy coloring them together. It’s like having your own underwater adventure! Color several sheets and make up your own mermaid story!

Dinosaur Category

Hand Drawn Dinosaur Coloring Pages

What’s your favorite type of dinosaur? Take a trip back in time with these hand drawn dinosaur coloring pages. You’ll have hours of fun coloring these pages filled with different dinosaurs and scenery. Stir up your creative side as you color each scene from days gone by.

Beautiful Unicorn Coloring Pages

Find the Differences Hand Drawn Coloring Pages

You’ll have lots of fun with these “find the differences” hand drawn coloring sheets. There are 10 differences between the two pictures. Can you find them? Can your friends find the differences before you can? Kids and adults alike will enjoy finding the subtle differences between these two sheets. And once you’ve spotted them all, have a whole lot more fun coloring the pictures.